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Job Details
Job Ref. No. Hotel Department Position Last Application Date
ECHE-0047-14 Eaton Chelsea, Toronto Security Security Officer (Full Time) 03 Aug 2014
Job Summary

The function of the Security Officer is to protect the life and the property of guests, employees and patrons.

·         Works on projects as selected personally or as assigned by management.

·         Maintains the security office in a clean and organized fashion.

·         Assists in training new security officers and makes recommendations for improvements to the on-line trainer or his/he supervisors.

·         Communications with other employees to establish working environment.

·         Maintains close liaison with local Police, Fire department and Ambulance to assist guests/ employees and management with any requirements.

·         Attends security meetings and special courses for development.

·         Assists with locker inspections and fumigation when requested.

·         Makes sure all incident reports are completed upon shift complex.

·         Conducts a full building inspection once per week. Follow up on this report to be done once per week as well.

·         Is on call to cover emergencies in the hotel as required by management.

·         Performs other tasks as assigned by management.



·         Maintains active files on trespassers and undesirables.

·         Maintains accurate security logs.

·         Attends internal meetings to address possible concerns in regards to special conferences as assigned.

·         Maintains the security files up date.


Customer Satisfaction

·         Maintains a good working relationship with his/her co-workers and ensures all information related to the hotel is handed over the next shift.

·         Works in conjunction with the Manager, Guest Services in regards to employee/guest loss, theft and illness, accident and damage occurrences.

·         Ensures all guest correspondence is handled within 15 days on the original concern. Maintains active files on these follow-ups.


Process Improvement/ Productivity

·         Inspects the hotel areas for safety violations during the shift or on special assignments.  Follow up on discrepancies.

·         Attends court and other legal proceedings related to the hotel when so required and keeps files on results of these appearances.

·         Maintains control of all forms needed in the security department and informs the security supervisor of any discrepancies.

·         Complies with Hotel and Company policies and Procedures as well as Health and Safety policies.




·         Must have Private Investigators License.


. Full time